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Can anyone help me...i need to connect a 10bar LED to button. (1) i need help with getting the 10bar LED lights to run from left to right and from right to left, lets say each LED is lit for half a second before the next LED is lit. (2) how would i connect the button so that when its pressed on the 4th LED(when its lit), 1 is displayed on a seperate 7 segment LED, and then when pressed on the 4th LED its goes to 2 then 3 and so on (upto 9)

Thankyou to all those who replied in respect to my other post message, and Thankyou to all those who reply this message :lol:


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In the pm I sent you I included the links...




and indicated what you should connect from one to the other. I also pointed out that some of the circuitry is not needed and that is for YOU to sort out.

If, as an A-Level student, one year away from university, you are still struggling then it would seem that your tutor is not getting the message across. If you do not know how to connect an led then refer to basic electronic texts.

A 10 bar led is just 10 leds packaged side by side with individual anode and cathode connections. The package should indicate at least one of them.

If you are still struggling then look at...


especially chapter 7.


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I agree Gene, and free as well. What more can you ask for.

As the author is a tutor he has very little time to continue building it at present but it looks like one of those things that will never be completed. There will always be something to expand upon, to amend or new sections to add.

I check it about once a month just to see if the pdf files have been updated.

The guy loves bug reports so if you find anything wrong then send him an email.

I think it's one that can be recommended to newbies.


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I graduated in 1968 and if you add what I have forgotten to what has changed in the world of electronics that I missed, you have a void that needs constant filling. I copied the entire reference to a CD and plan to go through it a bit each day. Although I expect some to be remedial, I also expect to learn something new.
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