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stepper motor

  1. J

    Rhythmic audio stepper motor

    Hello everyone I am creating a project to move stepper motors with the rhythm of the music, however I don't know which controller to use to be able to move the motors.
  2. A

    stepper motor power supply questions

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on making a device that I can use with amazon alexa to control the curtains in my room. I have successfully built and programmed it, but I can not figure out how to properly power it. It uses an node MCU ESP-8266, Ln298N motor driver, a NEMA 17 stepper...
  3. heri

    Make Turntable with Stepper Motor

    It's still part of the same project I've posted before but different parts, this is a turntable with a motor and voltage regulator. On YouTube they use synchronous motor, short story I bought stepper motor with driver in my local store, I intend to run this stepper motor like dc motor that I...
  4. K

    PIC16F887 Stepper Motor Control

    Hello everyone, new to this site and coding (moved from stack overflow due to too many sarcastic people). I am writing a code to control a stepper motor to act as a barrier for a car park; the motor has to rotate 90* to open and close the gate - via a button (manual operation) and sensors...
  5. D

    Stepper Motor Enable line

    Hi there I am using DRV8834 IC driver to run the 5v stepper motor. I've managed to run the 5v stepper motor using DRV8834 IC. But I've found we need 3 pins (Step, Direction and enable) to enable the device. The requirement is to reduce the pins to 2 (only for step and direction). If I don't...
  6. A

    rack and pinion system

    Hi Team, I'm not from mechanical background but want to build a system that moves linearly with 0.1 mm precision. Is it possible to achieve this using rack and pinion system. If yes how to do the calculations that are required for the pitch and number to teeth. If not, can this be achieved...
  7. W

    Stepper Motor back EMF protection for Un-Powered Circuit

    Dear All, I have two stepper motors connected on single shaft for driving a load. Only one motor is powered at a time.I have concerns over backemf generated in the on-powered motor when the other motor is actively driven. This back emf will go to my Un-powered driver and can cause damage. Is...
  8. S

    variable pulses with stepper motor

    I build my robotics where i used stepper motor as actuator and Matlab/Simulink with arduino as controller . my control signal output in (rad/sec) and i want to send this signal to stepper motor pulse pin . the situation that my control signal output are variant depend on the sensor output so i...
  9. S

    Transfer function of Hybrid Stepper motor

    Please I want anyone help me to get transfer function of Hybrid Stepper motor, because I need to use in my control design in Matlab/Simulink for my project.

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