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  1. K

    Dell 2407WFPb dies and revives when he wants.

    Hi from Argentina, this is my first post. A friend had a Dell 2407WFPb laying on the floor of his apartment and i volunteered to repair it. The monitor works fine but it doesn't even turn on other times. Opened it and this was the discovery, a black transistor without markings, that looks burnt...
  2. A

    Viewing real time activities of Breadboard on Television and Computer monitor larger screens.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breadboard Is it possible to view and capture real time activities of Breadboard using wired, wireless,CCTV technology on television set or computer monitor larger screens? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  3. solaraxis

    250W KRK 10s Active Sub Monitor Unable to Power On despite Intact Fuses

    I'm a music maker and freshly budding circuit board enthusiast. I'm also extremely exhausted as I'm writing this so forgive the the short bits of info and any other thing that'll come off as lazy. I'll refine this and gloss over every detail to my current knowledge about my issue better when...
  4. J

    Help disconnecting PSU from CRT

    Anyone know how to disconnect the connector circled in yellow from the PSU without damaging it? I've already discharged the CRT and any large caps on the board before anyone asks lol. It's an Apple Monitor Model M0401 made by Sony. I've got some buldging caps so I'm going to re-cap, it would...
  5. E

    Philips monitor unable to turn on while the LCD cable is connected to the screen

    Recently I've bought a used Philips 220e which itself looks in mint condition, but I haven't checked the monitor before I bought it. So, when I plugged it in, all I've got was a black screen with somewhat distinctive sound of something rapidly charging and discharging (possibly the capacitors)...
  6. S

    ViewSonic VA912b Monitor. Goes black after turning the monitor on from the off position.

    Hi, I have been having this issue for while and can figure it out. Do you think it might be a cap that might be going bad or something else? Just so I am more clear with my headline. I shut my monitor off at night then in the morning I turn it on, but what happens is that when I turn it on it...
  7. Singul4rity

    LG 29inches ultrawide, not enough power?

    I bought recently a brand new LG 29UM58 IPS 29 inches ultrawide from amazon. When I recieved it, I notice that came with a 110v power adapter so I bought a 7 bucks converter 220v to 110... the monitor started, and shows gray screen saying "No input connected" when I connected the HDMI cable, the...
  8. J

    Is there a procedure or general guide for replacing the CCFL tubes in backlights

    I have a wacom cintique 24HD, an expensive monitor i got fairly cheap in a scam of sorts, i was sold a dying monitor, the tubes are on their last legs, they only really reared their weakness once it got really cold, which took a while since we had unseasonably warm weather from since i bought...
  9. B

    Monitors-PC Interface

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a new project in which I want to create multiple games inside one room. Those games will use electronics and mechanics. So for almost everyone of this games I'll need to have a monitor and a microcontroller. Besides that i'll have a main pc interfacing with the...
  10. C

    How do I repair my monitor?

    My ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED stopped working. It blinks white (and then black) when plugged in, regardless of which type of which input plug I use. I know the monitor is the problem because my other monitor, which is the same make & model, works perfectly fine with the same inputs (knock on wood)...

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