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Philips monitor unable to turn on while the LCD cable is connected to the screen

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Recently I've bought a used Philips 220e which itself looks in mint condition, but I haven't checked the monitor before I bought it. So, when I plugged it in, all I've got was a black screen with somewhat distinctive sound of something rapidly charging and discharging (possibly the capacitors) so when I've opened it up, first thing I've checked was the circuit board which turned out to look just fine, without any blown capacitors, but I haven't given up on it yet so I kept on looking around and at one point I had the monitor plugged in and I've forgotten about it while still tampering with the cables, but then I've plugged out the LCD cable from the screen and the monitor finally started showing signs of life and after a second on two the monitor flashes white and after that I plug back in the LCD cable and the monitor works like it should unless I turn off the monitor and attempt turning it on.
FYI: I mean the actual LCD ribbon cable itself.
UPDATE: after one day of usage, I've decided to try using the power button to see if it will behave any way different and it did, but I still wanna know where to look for if it happens again.
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