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ViewSonic VA912b Monitor. Goes black after turning the monitor on from the off position.

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Stephen Bosley

New Member
Hi, I have been having this issue for while and can figure it out. Do you think it might be a cap that might be going bad or something else? Just so I am more clear with my headline. I shut my monitor off at night then in the morning I turn it on, but what happens is that when I turn it on it goes black. I have to turn it off and back on several times before it stays on. Any thoughts as to what it could be?


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Monitors turn off because:
They don't see or recognize a sync signal (video) They go into power down mode.
The on/off button might be "bouncing". Dirty contacts in switch.
Some thing is bad inside. Who knows what?
Over current on the power supply.
AND a million reasons that you will not have thought of.

Hi Steve !
I hope by now you have found the cause of your problem, but for future reference, if this is a LCD type monitor, a very common problem with LCD/LED TV's and monitors are bad electrolytic capacitors in the power supply circuit. I have repaired numerous sets that had this issue.
Best regards, Mark..
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