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ZigBee - is it worth to learn about?

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I run across several posts and articles about ZigBee in the last weeks, so I started to read about it.

Started to consider implementing a basic application to gain some familiarity.

I would like to hear any comments, even if brief about actual usage of ZigBee.

Simply put: is it worth?


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There are many short distance RF links.

ZigBee (or anything on a mesh network) can reach great distances by relaying a signal from one radio to the next and the next until the signal finely reached the fare receiver.

There is great power in the ZigBee.


IMHO I dont think so, but I havent done any long range comms. Bluetooth Class 1 Can Reach up to 100 meters (328 ft) if you need long range com and a simple protocol (Uses UART). To me, Zigbee seems rather complex when all you want (and need) is simple serial communication.
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