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Your favorite place to order components


New Member
mine would have to be NTEINC, and MCMElctronics.


New Member
for the stun gun schematic listed on the other forum, it says 200k:1k CT Transformer

the only place i could find this is DIGIKEY, and it says $18. This is maily the reason i was looking for other sites, but they dont seem to have these at all. Is this price correct??


New Member
I would guess so for a CT transformer. Seems resonable enough.


New Member

I use Suburban Electronics or The Electronic Goldmine for real cheap parts. Suburban has mostly for audio and vcr type parts, Goldmine has clearance parts and discontinues. Many sale items in quantity. Please feel free to e-mail me with any other places that might be of help. [email protected]. Thanks.


Active Member
$18 for CT is quite high. I get them for around $2.

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