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Wireless Cameras, outdoor Motion Detection, software, etc

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I am looking to get several wireless cameras. I think I want tilt, pan and zoom. (this way I can use less cameras)
I am looking at motion detection either in the camera or on a PC. (what software to use) "Blue Iris"
>Some camera software requires you to have a "cloud account" at $10/month.
>One of the BangGood cameras has motion detection over the full screen. You can not block out an area. Other cameras has up to three areas that are detected and the rest of the video is not looked at.
I want to look at my back pasture. One mile away there is a road. Cars and trucks with their light on will trip off the motion detection (I think).

Do any of you have outdoor cameras?
Any advice for me?
I have a Respberry Pi 3 and/or a PC that can be deticated to this project.
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