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Windows 10 help


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I know nothing about my dad's computer,as he said ,the computer was completely paralyzed and tried to open it, but an account appeared that he didn't even know about, and the password was wrong. I wonder if it was hacked by a virus or a hacker?


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So you want to know how to defeat the security on a win10 computer. Can't help.



If it was an hacker then the computer and all the information on it has already been compromised. Wipe it properly and reinstall Windows. More than enough information on line to do this if you care to search?


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most likely he created it without realizing, since with windows you cant create account without being in an existing admin account

...far as i know


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Someone at work did it once when a computer was hacked. The password was changed to "anger+2 digits". I forget the two digits. It might have been "61"

Grandpa Bryan

New Member
You might be better off just installing a new hard drive and reinstalling it. At this point you may never be able to trust that hd again. Hd's are cheap.

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