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wich uv source

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I can't find the proper uv flouros as they don't pass Australian standards anymore.

I don't want to spend heaps of cash for something I will only use a few times, so what do I go for?

Does that 416 unit use normal domestic white flouros?
Can you use them?
I thought domestic ones are made with filltres to stop the harmfull uv from getting out.

What about the energy saving black fouros?
I even found some 12volt ones.
Are they the same?





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Yeah , Jaycar sell them, but they are not the PROPER ones for exposing boards.
They probably only pass a fraction of the uv that proper fluoro UV light boxes pass.

When I rang "RS Components" for their Proper replacemant uv tubes, thay said " they don't pass australian standards any more. Sorry"

I have heard of people using:

The sun,
Plain 100 watt light bulbs,
plain white domestic fluoros,
Disco black fluoros,
black fluoro light bulbs (pictured above).
Black light bulbs.

I doubt that all these work well.

What do you guys use?
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