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What parts do you use the most/stock up on?

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Just curious as to what other folks' well-rounded parts boxes contain...

When I order parts online, I'll order quantities to make it worth the shipping cost, especially for common parts. Here's some of my "favorites":

Resistors: 220,330,470,1K,2.2K,4.7K,10K,100K,1M
Capacitors (non-electrolytic): 10n, 100n
Capacitors (electrolytic): .47µ, 1µ, 10µ, 100µ
Diodes: 1n914/4148, 1n400x
LEDs: Many kinds, mostly 3 and 5mm red, green, orange, yellow
Transistors: 2n3904, 2n3906, 2n2222, MPF102 JFET, TN2404KL N-MOSFETs
Regulators: 78L05, 7805, 7809, 7812, 7815, 7905, 7912, 7915
ICs: TL072, TL074, various 4000-series, various PIC MCUs
Assorted pin headers and IC sockets
Assorted resistors and caps not listed above


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In addition to what the OP listed:

LM317 programmable regulators (replaces most fixed regulators)
LM431 programmable shunt regulator (replaces any Zener)
Anderson PowerPole stackable connectors
Coax (UHF & BNC) connectors
1n5819 SchottKy diode
1n4007 silicon diodes
Big NFets (whatever is on sale)
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And grab a big bag of surplus electronics from Ebay for all the other bits you might need lmao.


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Everything mentioned above plus...
Everything I can strip off of old circuit boards or out of salvaged equipment that cant be repaired and resold! :)

A few 1000 assorted 1/8 and 1/4 watt resistors.
A 24 drawer organizer of assorted Regulators, IGBT's, Transistors, Mosfets, Triacs, SCR's and LED's.
A 32 drawer organizer of assorted IC's.
Two 24 drawer organizers of assorted screws and fasteners,
A gallon pail of assorted smaller capacitors.
4 large plastic storage containers of large capacitors.
A 2 gallon bucket of assorted diodes and rectifiers.
Two pallets of assorted transformers and inductors.
Three pallet tote boxes of assorted industrial electronics components.
Several 5 gallon buckets of assorted industrial switching devices. (IGBT's, Transistors, SCR's)
A large box of assorted mechanical and digital meters and monitoring displays.
And a 32' x 64' shop full of everything else! :eek:

Anything less would be unthinkable! :D
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So, when you have your capacitors in a gallon pail, how do you find the specific value/voltage cap you need? Go pail diving? :)


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So, when you have your capacitors in a gallon pail, how do you find the specific value/voltage cap you need? Go pail diving? :)
Is there any other way? :confused: :D


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Nah, get a parts organizer and sort them.
Four or five of these and you are all set

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