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Voltage Controlled Voltage Sources (VCVS) - Power a Piezo Buzzer

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Hi, I am trying to power a Piezo Buzzer between 3.3VDC and 5VDC.
The voltage is being adjusted so the sound is low (at 3.3VDC) and loud(at 5VDC).
My attachment can be a little misleading. Alarm_low doesn't suggest the volume is low, just the number of beeps. Same holds true for Alarm_medium and Alarm_high.

I'm trying to figure a way to add a circuit like a Voltage Controlled Voltage source as observed in my attachment. Can anyone offer some advice?





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An OpAmp (with suitable feedback) is the ultimate Voltage Controlled Voltage source. Some power opamps will drive up to several Amps at up to +-35V.


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So, you want to do 2 things. Change the number of beeps and emit them at high volume or low volume.
Do you have another control line?
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