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VDHL Programmable Devices? VDHL Real World Applications

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I'm curious as to if there's a list of devices that can be programmed with using VDHL (it's super hard to find online).

The only device's I've found are 'Altera' devices (ex: altera max 10).

And what's the practical real world use of using the vdhl programming language.


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It is possible with any programmable logic device as long as the software used to synthesize the configuration supports VHDL. This includes any FPGA and CPLD from Xilinx and Altera (the two big names), as well as others like Lattice.

The practical real world use of VHDL is configuring programmable logic devices...not sure what you are trying to ask. It's like asking what is the real world use of C/C++.
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