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USB Email Notifier

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Good evening!

I'm new to this community. I'm a computer science major, and after taking some Electronic classes, I'm slowly falling in love with digital electronics! Because of such, I need some advice.

I seen in a list of "Under $25" gifts, a email notifier. More precisely, a USB email notifier in the shape of a big envelope.

I would like to know where to begin to do a similar project, my intentions are this:
I want a LED to light up when I get a new Gmail. I think it would be a great place to start off hardware/software mixing, as I REALLY want to make one of those amazing LED cubes. But....That's a long way off :]

Thank you, any advice, or links, or anything like that would be GREATLY appreciated!
like this?

i think this might be the circuit that i think you are looking for:
Here is the link to the site with the code, and that has a link back to the original project.
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Oh wonderful!

Do you know how much those parts would cost?
As, I've not bought any IC's.

"Uses a 4d-micro-USB module to provide power and RS232 to a Picaxe 08M controlling an RGB LED."

.....I only knew about 1/3 of what that sentence meant.....

As in, I don't know what a Picaxe 08M is, nor a 4d-micro-USB module....

I do know what LED's and power are!


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I've been wanting to do this too, but the only barrier was getting past the POP3 or wtv things, if you could help me find out how to get C# to see that you have a new email, I would GADLY, help you with everything else!!! :)


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Why use C#? Why not just use python? I know there are like, SO many python written apps on Linux that check Gmail.

Also, you _COULD_ set up a mail server on your machine using something like, Mercury, or Sendmail, and having your program scan a folder for new files, meaning, new mail :]


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I honestly wouldn't know either, as that's what I"m here for, I dont' know how to make a "driver" or any of that.

But, I know with Linux, you coudl set up a CRON task to scan an "inbox" folder, check for recent changes, and...<insert magic Software to hardware interface here> to make the USB light up.
i'm not sure about what you are talking about right now, you might want to try talking to 3v0, he seems really good with the software aspect of things, here is a link to his profile or you can find him in the chat page a lot... just don't ask any stupid questions or say anything stupid, he has yelled at me a couple times for that like in Printer to CNC and Stepper Motor Ideas.
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