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underwater sonar

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underwater sonar - please help

i'm a fisherman and plan to make a Low Frequency Active Sonar that able to track school of fish around 10 km and able to read the depth of the fish. I need a black and white LCD to guide me when i'm trawling. Simple sonar is enough for me.

Please help me with the complete electrical circuit and the instrustion to make it, because it's really expensive to buy the complete device.

Thank you very much.


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I am working on sonar myself. Its hard to find information. I have found the following article that is very interesting. I hope this helps

Scientific American 271.n2 (August 1994): pp90(3).

Author(s): Kyle M. Becker.
Document Type: Magazine/Journal
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A simple, inexpensive marine transducer can be built out of a piezoelectric ceramic called zirconate titanate and common electrical equipment. Tips on building, calibrating, and using an underwater scanning transducer are provided.


According to your information in your post, It seems you don't have much of a electronics background. Therefore, I wouldn't advise you to undertake such a exorbitant project. I have heard of these "fish trackers" where you set this mini boat that floats outside your main boat and uses sonar to track fish (I'm fairly sure it uses sonar). Then you have this LCD screen that shows you were the majority of the fish are. The whole thing might be in the too-hundred dollar range and I'm not sure if you would go to that expense, but your idea of making one might be more expensive.


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Track a school of fish at 10kM, not likely. Not even with high end fish-finders.

PS if you think it would be cheaper to build a fish finder from scratch than buy one think again.
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thank you very much

Dear All,

Thank you very much for the kind respons, you're right, make one seems more expensive than buy full complete set.
I have to save more money start from now....

Best Regards
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