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Uhh.... plz HELP!

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:shock: :shock: Well I am at my school trying to get this thing to work and well....it doesnt work. so i have come here to ask you for help getting it to work.

I have these programs called MPLAB IDE, to write them,
MPASMWIN, to compile it, and IFI loader to get it to the little robot thing, see I dont know what i am doing, i copy and pasted this code that it came from but it didnt copy write ~here it is.

Please not that due to PHbb the spaces are wrong, well of course i dont know if they were right in the first place :twisted:

title "PIC18F452 counting program"
list p=18f452,f=inhx32
#include <p18f452.inc> ; This “header file” contains all
; the PIC18F252 special function
; register names and addresses.
; This file is located in the same
; directory as MPASMWIN.EXE.
COUNT equ 0x00
DVAR equ 0x01
DVAR2 equ 0x02

org 00h ;reset vector
goto Start

org 1Ch
clrf WREG ;clear W register
movwf PORTC ;clear PORTC
movwf TRISC ;config PORTC as outputs
clrf COUNT ;clr count
incf COUNT,F ;increment count
movf COUNT,W ;
movwf PORTC ;display on port c
call Delay ;wait
goto IncCount ;loop
movlw 0xFF ;set delay loop
movwf DVAR2 ;
movwf DVAR ;reset inner loop
decfsz DVAR,F
goto D1
decfsz DVAR2,F
goto D0

I copmile it, then use IFI loader to try and download it to my robot, i guess you would say. and i dont thing it detects the interface, it doesnt read any of the com ports as anything bieng there, but there is! and i get this error Invalid Address: 0x0 (correct range 0x800-0x07fff)

any suggestions of what i should do, i just started and dont know what to do


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They just shuffed a robot into your hands and tell you to program it? nice school, or didn't you pay any attention in class....

Where did you get the code you posted? did it come with the robot (as an example perhaps?). If so, this robot uses a PIC µC. Do a search for Pic microcontrollers on google to get you started

www.microchip.com is the manufacturer of this chip, the site has lots of info and code samples

You should also get some info about the robot itself, how the engines, sensors,... are connected to the pic.
What kind / make of robot kit is this ?



Hello, I'm new here, I've graduated from EET for about 3 years now and been working as a test technician for 3 years (gotta start somewhere). Anyways, I was wondering if you could explain a little bit more about how its not working. Did the robot come with the microchip (pic) that you have to put the parts together like add resistors, caps, and crystal or did it come with a pcb wiith the components already install and all you have to do is program it. A little more info might help. :D
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