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TS472 Low Noise Mic Pre-Amp


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I bought this great, low noise Mic Pre-Amp from Ali Express, but when I connected it, there was no sound.
I'm not sure how to adjust it. Do I have to choose and solder-bridge the gain spots? What about the Standby Mode?
I don't need the Standby Mode. Is it off or has it to be activated?
Please be so kind to advice me on how to go about. Thanking you in advance,
Greetings from O'l Jo (young pensioner ...78) from Townsville QLD



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The ts472 chip is powered with 2 to 5.5 volts, is biased to 2 volts, uses a balanced input (Or pseudo balanced input) and gives balanced output (biased at 2v).

this means the output must be capacitively coupled to the amplifier stage.

we obviously need more info to know which capacitors are on the board and a datasheet for the board would be helpful. A photo is not enough. Also, just the chip datasheet is not enough since the external components are critical.

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