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Telephone Monitor & Controller

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I have been posting on this forum and have been getting great responses which have helped me get where i am today in my project but time is running out on me since my project is due on the 3rd of April which is a few days away.

I completed the hardware aspect requiring me to detect and decode the telephone numbers being dialled, off-hook detection and currently working on ring detection which i have to send these signals to a PIC18F452 microcontroller to calculate call duration and control of blocking incoming/outgoing calls as well as activating an external electrical device like a lamp.

I attached my project overview and objectives together with the way i've been going about trying to accomplish its tasks. My algorithms and pseudocode that i am currently trying to implement is also attached but i have very little knowledge of the C coding language which i am required to use to program the PIC18F452.

I am asking for any assistance of code snippets or anything else to help me get as far as possible in the completion of my final project.



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