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Stuck in first gear.

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First I would like to say what a great forum this appears to be.
I am very much a newbie at this. I have a solid background in electrical but limited in electronics and microcontrollers.
I started out with the book "Pic Microcontroller Project Book".
Bought the CDlite, PicBasic compiler and Epic Programmer, and a 16f84.
Got it all working, did all the projects in the book, including a few of my own simple projects.
Then bought "Programming the Pic Microcontroller With PicBasic".
Bought the Melabs Meloader bootloader and a couple 16f876s.
Pretty much thru the book and feel as though PicBasic may not be the language of choice to take my hobby to the next level.
My question, should I upgrade to PBP or should I consider learning another language like assembly or C++.
Any comments would be welcome.


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I would suggest that you aim at a project that would test what you have learned so far. Try to use your own code as much as you can. You may or may not succeed in this project but this will give you an idea whether to stick with free assembly language tools, go with PBP, or go with those C++ compilers.

Your choice will also depend on how much you're willing to spend on getting down to the details of programming or just be willing to get the job done and complete the project.


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I would sugest that you upgrade to the PICBASIC PRO, it is a great tool..... altough there is room for improvement this program will let you do most jobs in a breeze. Be aware that the compiled code is not going to be as small as if you make it in assembler. But using PBP in a long project will save you time not to mention how convinient it is. I think PBP will be more than you need for your projects.

PBP is kind of expensive, compared to assembler (free!) but it comes with great tools and there are a lot of resources. There are C comilers for the PICs but they are even more :shock: expensive, so I have not tried them :wink:

Once you change to PBP from your PICBASIC you will not believe the powers of this simple PICBASIC PRO. ANd you can upgrade through melabs upgrade page

and this is my humble opinion

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