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sound activated 555 timer circuit????

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one of my pupils wants to make a circuit that will be activated by sound(such as a clap). we use 555, comparator op-amps counters etc,(15 year olds class). we do not know what component to use to trigger the control circuit???
any ideas for us please?
much appreciated, jd


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An electret microphone (part number 252-em9745p-40 from Mouser, 95 cents), plus an op amp to raise the signal enuf to trigger the 555. You can get the data sheet from mouser (www.mouser.com) which includes a suggested circuit. You will need to experiment with gain and capacitor value so a clap will trigger the 555 but ordinary converstion will not.


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clap switch


you have to use a high pass filter connected to the op-amp so it wont trigger with just any sound, that way you can activate it by snapping a finger or by clapping. as an added suggestion you can use CD4013 a dual flip/flop to trigger the 555 :lol:
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