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signal adder of AC(MHz) and DC(10V).

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I would like to get a summing circuit for adding ac and dc offset.
The interested region of AC is around 1MHz~10Mhz with less than 5V amp.
The DC is around +-10V.

Because the frequency could be changed in operation,
I need a constant gain according to the selected frequency.

In most op-amps, there is a variation depending on the frequency.

Does anyone who know some commercial signal adder or best way to make the adder by myself?




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Why use an OpAmp. Kiss instead. Use a passive network.



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Thank you!.

I am worrying about a unknown problem.
Maybe, to control the voltage level, I have to use some DAQ or signal generator as a voltage souce.
Sometimes, when I attach the analog circuit to the outlet of generator, input or output impedance was a problem so I couldn't get the right waveform.

Can you guide me about this?

Anyway, what is your software? I am not a expert in analog electronics.



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Why use an OpAmp. Kiss instead. Use a passive network.
Hi Mike, I also need to float an AC signal on a DC offset. I built the circuit, and it works great in the MHz range. However, I have a couple of experiments where I need to take measurements in the 50 kHz - 350 kHz range... and another at 1.6 kHz. I assume I need different values of caps and/or resistors. Is the combination of the 50 ohm resistor and 110 pF cap essentially a high pass filter?

Please let me know what changes I should make so I can work at the frequency ranges I mentioned.

Thanks for your time
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