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shoving a ps4 into a pelican case

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so im trying to get help with some wiring and ideas
ive place my ps4 into a pelican case and mounted the monitor to the lidIMG_0185[1].JPG
I have everything plugged into a power strip and its all kind of a clutter inside the box
I drew plans on a box/platform that I want the ps4 to mount onIMG_0187[1].JPG
I plan on installing a air vent using dual 120mm fan to push air into the space under the platform and vent out behind the ps4 and hoping to hide all the wires and powerstrip underneath as well untitled1.png
I want a toggle switch or rocker ontop that's tied into the powerstrip hidden underneath the ps4
or perhaps im going about this all wrong any ideas or help would be appreciated
im looking at a three piece toggle switch that I want to power three items separately
ive found a power strip that has individual rocker switches for each plug! now if I can move or solder into those switches I can control those plug with relocated toggle switches....lol hope im making some kinda of sense



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That what I’m going to do but I’m going to hide it under a panel that all the cables are going to hide. Power to ps4 power to monitor power to fans. But on top of the panel I want to throw toggle switches that I can tie into the power strip with individual switches


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Why do you need them individually switched? Will you ever be using one part of the system the other parts?


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I need one switch for sure on the upper panel because underneath the power strip is going to be stored or hidden.
having that 3 switch toggle is more .....personalization/my twist. aesthetics.....just something cool to add. come on!
open box flip 1st switch monitor powers on, flip 2nd switch fan start humming, 3rd swith ps4 powers on!
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