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RF Signal Strength

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I am extremely sorry for not acknowledging yout previous kind timely replies.
But I had queried manytimes like this in other forums and did not get any reply. I thought that it would be the same here. Now I know that this is the forum for me. Thank you All!!!

Now coming to the matter, I have decided on an idea, please advise me on this:

I wanted to make the pointer point to the direction of the transmitting source, so what i have decided to do is, make the motor rotate untill it recieves the highest signal strength. Obviously the highest signal strength will come from the actual direction of the source. So i connect a NOT gate to the output of the signal detector circuit so that the moment the detector circuit gats a "high" the motor goes "low" and stops. So suppose I move the transmitter a distance radially in a circle the motor starts turning since the detector becomes "low" and the motor becomes "high". This is only to find the direction of the transmitter when i turns around the reciever in 2 axes. Of course if the transmitter moves away from the reciever in the same axis the signal strength will become weak and the motor will start turning.

Now My problem is the detector circuit.
I need a circuit that will be able to detect the highest signal strength.
An FM reciever detector.
Please advise me on this.
Thank You Very Much
Not open for further replies.

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