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Quality Breakout Boxes for signal analysis?

A search of high-quality, rugged breakout boxes returned two options, wonder if anyone has ever used any of these before, the Tesuto boxes seem like better value, while the Silverengineering boxes are really pricey! Need to breakout cables and have easy way to hook up to my o-scopes and multimeter and tap in to signals, can also be used to test connections.

Tesuto Systems: https://www.tesutosys.com

Silvernegnieerng: http://www.breakoutboxes.com


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I'd build my own!

You can get things like this for peanuts - just add a case and some sockets, if you want a more enclosed unit:

Thanks all! Looking at these alternates but they are not really rugged, they all have pretty low current ratings (need 3 A per circuit at one time) and non have metal enclosure., they don't really meet my needs at all. Probably cost prohibitive to build my own in this case. Looking for something that will be used many times over, so it needs to be durable. This ones suggested are good for quick and dirty I guess. Thanks!


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You failed to describe your requirements initially. It just seemed like you needed D 25 pins.

The 3A rating is a tough one.

When I worked and made stuff for use, I used the plastic CPC connectors. I liked them because the pins were super-simple to remove.

Making might not be too difficult. www.easyeda.com is a web-based PCB layout program.

Even with D connectors, I;m not sure if the crimp pins can handle 3A.
Hi! I believe I mentioned high-quality and rugged that's my primary requirement. The 3 amps is not a problem, even 5 amp D-subs are readily available. Yes I know EasyEDA but prefer to use Altium which I have. Maknig PCB is not a problem (although by the time its all done and made and assembled might as well just buy one made). The problem is the metal protective housing that is custom for the box, I like the Tesuto box because of this. Thanks!

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