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RF Modules

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I am not sure how these works, hopefully you guys can help me.

If I get this Transmitting module:
4000m RF Wireless Radio Transmitting Module TM4000-1 - eBay (item 290267211479 end time May-10-09 08:47:00 PDT)

With a photocell wired in between the battery, So that when the photocell is exposed to a light sorce it will complete the curcuit - with power to the reciever it will Transmit a signal to this Reciever Module:

Wireless Radio Superregeneration Receiver Module RM1SG - eBay (item 290309695265 end time Apr-19-09 19:00:00 PDT)

When the receiver module gets the signal from the transmitter. I want it to close an open curcuit (A motor).

But I havent got a clue how the reciever works. Can someone please help. Thanks
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