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rf dog finder circuit

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Hi, I want to build a RF dog finder for, you guessed it - my dog! Does anyone know of any circuits that i could build or point me in the right direction? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks


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Spend the bux and get the GPS dog tracking system from Garmin.

I have spend hundreds of hours tracking Emergency Locator Beacons (121.5Mhz), and putting a radio collar on the dog and using Radio Direction Finding is NOT the way to do it.


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Just get one of those invisable fence systems. You just carry the transmitter with you.
Believe me you will know where your dog is at when you turn off the transmitter.

Or a bullet and new dog works too!


At 121mhz no wonder, it's impossible to get good directionality from a hand held unit. You could do it with higher frequencies more easily, but then you have distance and interference issues. I'd go with Mike, buy a commercial unit.
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