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Relaying MIDI in to MIDI out. How?


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Hi. I recently built a foot controller in order to send mute messages to our bands digital mixer over midi. I used Aurduino Uno and a couple of push buttons. Midi from Aurduinos TX 1 via resistor to the DIN midi out jack. It works great.
If i would like to add another of these foot control units for another band mate to mute his instrument, i need a midi-in jack as well to make a chain of fc-pedals.
My question is -Whats the proper way to route the midi signal from in to out jack? Is there a standard solution for this?
regards Staffan Falun, Sweden


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Welcome to ETO!
MIDI-in to MDI-out (or MIDI-thru) involves an opto-isolator. This circuit may help to explain things.

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