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Racing Drone Flight Controller - Trying to "ID" fried SMD component


New Member
Hi Strata,
I seem to have a similar problem you had with your fried diode on your F3 flight controller. I have a different board (Asgard32 F7) but experienced same exact short and the component that blew was a diode labeled CA. Only one of the two side by side appears to be shot. Using all the code books and info online the part would suggest the diode is the ZMV829BTA Varactor in SOD323 form factor but it appears you got your board fixed and got your drone flying again using a DIODE SCHOTTKY Part PMEG3015EJ. So I have two questions: 1) did you replace both components labeled CA and 2) did you have any further issues with the board after replacing? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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