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  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.


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Sherif Welsen

New Member
Hi every body,

I'm taking Pattern recognition as a subject this term in my graduate studies.

I have to do a project deals with pattern recognition "may be speech recognition, speeker recognition, image recognition... etc"can any one provide me with a detailed project or helping likes for that. The project may be complete software.

Thanks in advance of your immediate action.
You can make a Web cam aplication!

The aplycation cod find a pece of green paper and point it.

And have some fun and make the camera rotate arund the X Y and aim someone and the fire somting(A ruber band)

It can make someone realy sceared! :twisted:

OR HOW ABAOT a web cam barecode reader! :D

Any how the posebiletis are endles

If you get the "Web cam ruber band shoter" to work send me a private mesege with some pictures.[/b]
i like the cam idea but it doesnt have to be a web cam i could be any computer cam and i would use something like a laser not a rubberband. although a rubber band would be fun...

My childhood dream and you could make this also....

A remote control paintball gun. It sits on a tripod and you could control it via a remote and fire it also. This idea could be converted to using video to identify a specific target and fire at it.

How much time do you have for the project and how advanced are your skills? If you build the paint ball thing i would love to get the plans from you eventually. I wouldnt have a clue where to start while doing this.

On the other hand the army already does this with its weapons
another one... Letter recognition. Write some sloppy words on paper and use some optical device to digitize it and write some algorithm wich may take years which would turn that slopy writing into a microsoft word document... may be good for police work when they find evidence that thay cant read.

This is already a project that has be ongoing for a long time and years of research has been put into it but you may be able to make a simplified vertion of it.
The self shuting Paintbal gun is a god idea!

And i need a simple transistor circuit to control a motor in bouth directions.

O and here is my idea of programing for the color paper finer:

The paper it will be findind will be a green paper with a red paper atached

It will find the most green points of the picture and the most red points of the pictute and wil find where a red and green point is closest togeter

Or is you dont want a lot of programing you can joust make it serch for the greenest pixel
Can you provide me with complete details of Paintbal gun project or network bar code reader, or any other detailed-free project ?

It supposed to take 10 weeks of work.
My skills .... mmm you can say I know a little about alot.
But I can keep learn.

Thanks in advance of your immediate action.
Well i had the idea of a color barcode reader.

And here it is:
The bars will be colerful and wil be a thin and a thick one.
By this a ASCII charter can be coded in to 2 bars

And i plan to make a balck and white bars for scale.That will make the reading more acurate and you dont have to show the barcode pecisly at the right angle.

So you can a whole word in barcode.(You can only code numbers in black and white barcode)

Did you get confused? :D
Someone Electro said:
... Did you get confused? :D
Not really, but I wanna a details, papers to read and schematics to learn.

Waiting from you.
Someone Electro said:
(You can only code numbers in black and white barcode)
Someone, I think you are misguided. A Google search for "barcode" quickly led to the unmistakeable fact that alphanumerics can be and are encoded in black and white barcode.
PLEASE, I wanna a complete detailed project.
Would any one provide me so ?
Its not that hard!

All you need is a camera and some programing skils.

Here are the steps:

1 Camera makes the picture of the barcode

2 Its resised to a smaler format(for things to go faster)

3 The picture is convrted to 4 bit

4 and finaly the reading:
Wen on the scale(black and white lines) the edge if a black line is found
it looks up and reads the color. If the line is thick it makes the vale biger.
One bar givs 4 bits fo data and the the next line is addet and we have 8 bits(enogh fo a ASCII charter)

You cant be more precise! :?
Hi Someone,

Please go over that again,
custom coloured barcoding for ascii characters
i didnt quite follow the decoding bit ...

John :)
Dose this help? :?

I didnt code anythig in the botom bar code.

The botom bar code is made by all the bars that are in use.

If you still dont get it ask WHAT you dont get!!!


  • bar_code.gif
    51.6 KB · Views: 595
Hi Someone,

Well maybe it helps a bit.
I didnt realise you would put two bar codes
one above the other.

I understand that an eight bit word
can be written as two successive four bit words.

So i must be part way there.

So how do you write a four bit word ?
As the scanning scans across the bar code,
the RGB sensors could possibly give a three bit word,
derived from the presence of RGB in the bar
being examined.

I assume the laser scanning would be replaced by a
standard white light scanning beam ?

The usual barcode device gives a serial output.
I dont see how you get a four bit parallel output.
I can see the possibility of a three bit output,
based on the RGB.

Could you please describe how a four bit word would
be given from an arrangement you describe.
And why is the black and white barcode there ?

Regards, John :)
The scaner is a camera!

There are 7 colors and 2 bar widths (Ops in the picture there are 8 colors :oops: )

that maces 14 combinations (enogh for 4 bits)

The black/white bar code is the scale(for more acurate reading)

And if you still dont get it read this:

0000 = Blue Thin
1000 = L. Blue Thin
1100 = Green Thin
1110 = Yelow Thin
1111 = Red Thin
0001 = Violet Thin
0011 = Orange Thin
0111 = Blue Thick
1001 = L. Blue Thick
1101 = Green Thick
1011 = Yelow Thick
0100 = Red Thick
0110 = Violet Thick
0010 = Orange Thick

How come on a bar code reader isnt so comlex! :?
I think i am beginning to get the picture here.

Would i be right,
in thinking that,
you are not scanning across the barcode,

but you are taking a picture of it ?
You dont scan the bar code!

You just show the whole barcode to the camera!

The camera taces the picture!

So your using the camera as a camera,
and taking a picture of the barcode ?


So whats this bit about
"The picture is convrted to 4 bit"

Do you mean the HTML colour reference ?
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