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Panasonic Shelf Audio System - No Audio - Model SA-AK630

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Rat Face

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I have a Panasonic SA-AK630 Shelf stereo system and the unit puts out barley audible audio. There is only incredibly feint or no audio coming from speakers or headphone jack.

There is a fan that apparently is dead. Not spinning.

I checked media source, Re-started, Checked speaker wire connections, checked for loose main and daughter boards and fried components ( basicalla visual inspection)

But found nothing unusual

Any Ideas on what the issue might be?




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There is a fan that apparently is dead.
if your circuitry does not have "decent" thermal prot. there might be a lot of issues
. . . but there has been and occasion where the digitally controlled volume locks to default level and can be only decreased -- once you do -- the cold reset ("wall" OFF/ON re-defaults)
you should address local yellow pages on this
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