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Nife Ni-cad Battery

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I just acquired a bank of 10 nife nicad batteries as shown in the photo, but 1 of the batteries was tipped over some time ago and the electrolight was spilt and not replaced. The voltage on this battery is 0.97 volts where the other 9 batteries are all around 2.47 volts. also there isn't any details of the amp/hour capacity on the label but here are all the specs off the label
maker:- NIFE made in australia
Type:- SBH38-2
IEC Standard:- RPH38P
Code:- 941

Now for the questions
1) I assume the electrlight is just distilled water, is this correct?
2) I've searched the net for hours to no avail so how can I work out the amp/hour capacity
3) since the electrolight level is nearly empty and the voltage is down to 0.97 volts is the battery stuffed?

I have made up a smart battery charger that will charge nicads aswell as every other type of battery around so once I replace the electrolight I can try to charge the battery.

Cheers Bryan1



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Hi Bryan,

NiFe is not exactly the same as NiCd the Fe stands for iron since they from the beginning (100 years ago) made the negative plates of iron. The electrolyte is an alkaline mix of potassium hydroxide and a small amount lithium hydroxide, do not fill it with water if it’s nearly empty! If the plates and mass in the empty cells have dried out they can get irreversible damage.


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Thanks for the quick replies Audioguru and Ante :D
I've sent off an e-mail to hblnife with the battery specs and I will go and see the local battery expert in my nearest town tomorrow. I really hope the battery is OK as shown in the photo there is still about a 1/3 of the electrolyte left and I intend using these batteries as part of my hydro project described in another post.

Cheers Bryan1 :)


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It's been awhile since I posted but I finally put up my solar panels. Well after talking with a few friends on otherpower I can't charge my Nicad's with my lead acid batteries so I need a circuit to charge deep discharge Nicad batteries that came off a military site. They are setup in a 24 volt array. But I've been told not too combine the 2 different battery packs so in the morning I'll see if my BP 2422 solar charger actually charges the batteries. My mates said if I try to combine lead acid with Nicad's it will destroy one of the packs. By the way the other battery pack is a 400 Amp/hour array but it's leadacid batteries. I know this ain't a simple problem but if anyone can help me out if ya in Oz I'll buy ya a BEER.

Cheers Bryan1 :D
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