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Newbie question: IR transmitter cutting in and out

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I'm hoping an IR expert can help out this total electronic newbie with this one: The audio IR transmitter in my GMC Acadia is cutting in and out. The IR transmitter is in a flip-down video screen unit in the ceiling, and came with the truck. The system uses two headsets. I verified that it's intermittently stopping the transmission by looking at the transmitter through my cell phone camera - I could see the lights cut out as the audio cut out in the headset. I took the unit apart, and the circuit board was heating up as it was being used - I have no idea if this could affect the intermittent issues or not. I discovered this after replacing the factory head unit with an aftermarket unit. It's certainly suspicious that the two things happened at the same time, however the car is a 2011 and we haven't used the headsets in several months - it could be possible that the board is just going bad.

Does anyone have any idea where I should go from here to either troubleshoot the issue? Could I replace it with a standard IR transmitter if I figured out the proper wiring from the old board?

I'm attaching a couple of pictures if that will help. IR module -wiring harness.jpg IR module.jpg
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