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  1. A

    1986 Ford Ranger Wiring

    So I bought a 1986 Ford ranger that needed the body harness completely rebuilt . As I'm ripping out the old harness I noticed something that looks like a wire nut with about 6 wires inside of it. Has anyone seen anything like this? Was this Normal for fords back then ? Or was this the result of...
  2. K

    Gps or remote control?

    Hello, I discoverd a item taped with Black tape under my car a few days ago. I have tried Google image and I still have No clue what it is. I have a reason to belive it might be a kind of gps but would like to know for sure what it is. Does anyone know what it might be?
  3. N

    Custom Car Two Alternator Design

    I have a buddy that is building a custom car. I've been helping him with the electrical design. The engine is from a Hayabusa motorcycle and has a battery and alternator. The goal is to add additional systems, like A/C, radio, and window motors. The current alternators is only rated for 30 amps...
  4. robwalte

    Newbie question: IR transmitter cutting in and out

    I'm hoping an IR expert can help out this total electronic newbie with this one: The audio IR transmitter in my GMC Acadia is cutting in and out. The IR transmitter is in a flip-down video screen unit in the ceiling, and came with the truck. The system uses two headsets. I verified that it's...
  5. A

    car head unit power supply

    Hi Friends, Could you please clarify my below doubts on power supply to a car head unit in modern cars. 1) Is the power from alternator rectified and supplied to the head unit? or 2) Is the battery directly connected to the head? Or 3) Is the battery power boosted to 14.4 volts and...
  6. A

    ISO 10487 socket for car head unit

    Hi Team, Where can I buy ISO 10487 socket in India. I want to use it in car head unit. Thanks, Arun
  7. PoussinViolent

    Custom Car Sound When Cranking The Ignition key, Opening Doors, Ect...

    Hello i have a nissan pulsar NX 1988 and when i open the doors a bell is ringing. So i thought that i could change the sound of the bell with a custom MP3 sound.:woot: ive seen MP3 modules that i could replace the bell with, but i need the sound to be triggered just one time and im not 100%...

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