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ir transmitter

  1. robwalte

    Newbie question: IR transmitter cutting in and out

    I'm hoping an IR expert can help out this total electronic newbie with this one: The audio IR transmitter in my GMC Acadia is cutting in and out. The IR transmitter is in a flip-down video screen unit in the ceiling, and came with the truck. The system uses two headsets. I verified that it's...
  2. Navyansh

    which microcontroller should I use for my project?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to microcontrollers and have read multiple guides, although still asking the question. I have used Arduino for quite a long time and have developed some product concept. I am only 14 years old though. I am currently developing a wearable project, therefore size, weight, and...
  3. E

    IR transmitter comparison

    hey guys, I hope all is well. I have a question about the following two schematics. One is a high power IR transmitter and the other is a long range ir transmitter. When I look at them both I feel like they're doing the same thing just in a different way. Would I be correct to assume that they...

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