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sound system

  1. F

    Is there a way to simulate speaker output from Thiele-Small parameters?

    I need to create a simulation of an ideal speaker output. My professor advised me to use Thiele-Small parameters to do it. However, I have only been able to simulate impedance simulation of the speaker. Do you know a way to simulate actual sound pressure output?
  2. B

    Help with sound system

    I'm not very learnt on all this stuff but I would appreciate if someone could help me. I have a dvd player/sound system with good sound quality but because its old it uses a scart lead which isnt very good picture quality and doesnt have a hdmi slot. I have another dvd player which uses hdmi and...
  3. robwalte

    Newbie question: IR transmitter cutting in and out

    I'm hoping an IR expert can help out this total electronic newbie with this one: The audio IR transmitter in my GMC Acadia is cutting in and out. The IR transmitter is in a flip-down video screen unit in the ceiling, and came with the truck. The system uses two headsets. I verified that it's...
  4. budget minded

    12v bicycle trailer sound system details

    this isn't exactly an "automotive" etc. application, but it will be a 12 volt system, just lacking an alternator. there are a few issues i need to iron out though. it was originally supposed to be a 36v system, but that created a lot of problems eg. separate batteries for an EQ/crossover or...

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