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New to circuitry; need help with simple problem

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Hi, I'm using a program called 'logisim' to TRY and build something I have been wanting to do for a very long time, but it tells me I made an error somewhere, and can't seem to find it. I made this to test my 'circular bit' theory (I'm a software programmer, you see) and am using buffers to insure a one way motion through my circuit. Any ideas? (screenshot of my circuit attached)

EDIT: it's 19 bits for a reason;
3 bit address for ROM (in center chip)
8 bits per register x 2

and the center chip outputs an 8 bit hardware address


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It may be giving you an error because you have two outputs connected together (only allowed if the outputs are open collector). You also have the outputs connected back to the inputs which it may not like.
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