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Modified car adaptor


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I've found these car adaptors useful:-

and I've modified one with a voltmeter on one side and an ammeter on the other.


I used a couple of small voltmeter modules from Ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-Vol...-0-28-DC-0-100V/263849308282?var=563212566097

To measure the current, I used one these:- https://uk.farnell.com/ohmite/lvk25r005fer/current-sense-res-0r005-1-2-w/dp/1462326 to sense the current and one of these https://uk.farnell.com/texas-instruments/ina199a3dckr/current-sense-amplifier-14khz/dp/3118145 to amplify the voltage. The output of the amplifier connects directly to the voltage input of the current meter.

Here is the circuit:-

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