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mobile friendly site


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Hi Team,

Can we make this mobile friendly or make an android app so that it would be easy to discuss even users are not with computers.



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Only if you do not screw up while using it with Win runing Firefox and a large screen.


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Thing is this site was mobile-friendly at one point, but one of the recent software updates wiped out the mobile-friendly code and made it look like a mess again. There's probably a plugin or something that the admins just need to add, or maybe some code to tweak and it'll become mobile friendly again.

Haven't heard from any of the admins in quite a while though, don't know what happened to them -- They seem to be ignoring us....


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Matt it should actually be a setting in Admin (fixed width), however a little while back the CSS was changed for the tools section, i suspect the CSS change messed with the theme file. Mobile friendly is dead!! AMP is the new thing, another 2-3 years and google will punish sites that are not AMP compliant with ranking drops.

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages, and guess what......Its a Google product ;).


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Google have a problem with AMP, by its design it collects the kind of data no one wants collected. As around 90+% of the web is actually wordpress based, they got a problem. Wordpress is silently against this, or more accurately the large theme suppliers are against AMP (its a mare).

I think AMP is heading into trouble, It dosnt help designers (far from it), but it does allow more data collection without slowing load speed on phones. Do No Evil seems to have massively changed. Its likely if enough people drop AMP then ranks wont matter, google breaks enough competition rules as it is.

I dont understand why they havnt had youtube taken off them.

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