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Metal Detectors!

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yo fellow electronic geniuses :D . i am trying to build a simple metal detector, and have found an awesome simple schematic drawing while surfing the world wide web. however the main component is a cs209a proccessor chip. having spent hours searching for this wretched piece of kit, i have dicovered it has been dicontinued. :(
does anyone out there know of a chip that has the exact same characteristics and where i may purchase a couple incase i blow it up on my first attempt? pease say there is such a chip so i dont have to spend another week trying to find another lamens schematic.
i am part of an electrical HNC2 group so im not too clued up on heavy electronics. thank you. :wink:


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The CS209 is a proximity-switch, not processor. As metal detector - i don't believe - can detect more as 15...20cm in free air with 30cm antenne...
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