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I notice tonite that my status has risen from newbie to master.....a sense of achievement :lol

What are the criteria for the various distinctions in status.....i.e psoting levels.........more from curiousity.. :wink:


Interesting reading........lol, but what is cbt ?not heard that 1....


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cbt = computer based training/examination

Various institutions run it as a means of gaining technical qualifications. ie Microsoft with the MCSE & MCP courses.

Something tells me that the electronics courses don't have questions about an 813 or 4CX250B pa or dtl. Even ttl would be too old.

How about... How to build a diode ring mixer?

Was there life before the NE555?


Ahh cbt, now I see.....yup we use that at work for learning new s/w packages like MS Word, Lotus Notes and all that cr*p.......( whatever happened to a good old pen and paper based memo ?)

4CX250's, hmm a blast from the past......remember the old Pye Vanguards and Rangers use by the police and Ambulance service...were fav's by radio hame for conversion to 2m........

Ring modulators based on diodes , yup remember them too, thing is technology is changing soooo fast, its sometimes difficult to keep up....I guess by the time I've fully mastered pics, we'll be on to something else 8)


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Ring Mod ?

Diode ring modulators?
Remember them ... :?:
I still use them (one of my synths anyway :wink: )

Nothing wrong with 'old', most of the 'new' is just re-packaged or more complicated "just for the sake of it".
Gimmie a fistfull of discreets anytime.

Maybe we should have a OldTimers corner (just for me :mrgreen: )


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The interface is same and thats because, both the site uses open-source bulletin board script written in PHP. i.e. PHPBB. You can find it at www.phpbb.com
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