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Manuals for an old Advance Instruments scope?

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Well Cookin

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I have an old Advance Instruments Oscilloscope OS-2100. I have the 'Main Frame' manual but none for the plug-in modules: OS-2007-Y and 0S-2005-AX.

Can anyone help me find manuals for the plug-ins please?

Thanks and regards,
Well Cookin'


I've just started in the instrumentation section of my company - I'll have a dig in the technical files, tomorrow, to see if we have it. IF (no promises...) we have it, I can email it to you (PDF).


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Anchors Away !

Copied from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/euro_ba_swap/message/278

From: "JOSE V. GAVILA (EB5AGV/EC5AAU)" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Sep 9, 1999 9:40 am
Subject: [euro_ba_swap] Advance Instruments OS-2100 oscilloscope


Hi gang,
Some months ago, I got an OS-2100 oscilloscope, made by 'Advance
Instruments' in the UK about 20 years ago. It is big, modular (with
plug-ins) and weights a lot, so I think it qualifies as a BA (and HAS a big
tube, hi!). And, in fact, it is used to fix BAs ;-)

I got it as a surplus from my employer, as it was going to be trashed 8-( .
I cleaned it and fixed a trouble with the brightness, as it was always at
maximum, regardless of control position. It happened to be a bad 1uF/600V
capacitor. Once changed, the unit worked fine.

I was able to get a poor manual copy from a dealer in England, but I would
like to get a better copy... any available?

I am also looking for other plug-ins for this oscilloscope. Currently, I
have the 30MHz plug-in (I can't recall the reference from memory now).

BTW, I wonder if there is any user of this oscilloscope brand around...
Perhaps I am alone :)!

Best regards,

Benetusser - VALENCIA (SPAIN)

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EuroBA eGroup: http://www.eGroups.com/list/euro_ba_swap
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It could be a line worth following ...
ps. BA = boat anchor :wink:
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