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Ligth Sensitive Alarm

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Hey everyone, I'm new to the board and needing some help getting started on this electronics project. So here goes.

I need to design a circuit that responds to light intensity using op-amps, transistors, and photodiodes. The circuit needs to include an oscillator, using a transistor op-amp.

Here are the device requirements:
Output in sunlight: 1 W 500 Hz sinusoid into an 8-ohm speaker load
Dark output: Silence
Linear output voltage increase between extremes

I think I can figure out the correct component values, but what I really need help with is the schematic for the circuit.

Any thoughts, opinions, or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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What do you want to increase, the volume or the frequency of the output?

In both cases, you will need to convert the light intensity to a variable frequency or gain. You will need to use a 'transimpedance' amplifier to change the variable current from the photodiode to a variable voltage. This variable voltage will then need to vary the frequency of a voltage controlled oscillator, or it can vary the gain of an amplifier. Which photodiode are you using?

I do not have much time right now to help with a schematic, but when you answer your questions, I should be able to work something out.



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Thanks for the reply.

I want the volume of the output to increase, not the frequency.
For the transimpedance amplifier I want my variable voltage to then vary the gain of an amplifier.
As far as the photodiode goes, I have no constraints on what kind I can use. This is a theoretical design problem so I do not need to find a specific photodiode, I can make up the components of it as long as they are reasonable.

What will the transimpedance amplifier consist of?
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