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Latching switch with delay

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Apologies if I'm asking dumb questions, but the last time I needed to do anything like this was at school 20 years ago and I can't remember how!

I have a circuit which is set up so that when a button is pressed, a relay is tripped for half a second which triggers a (mains) light. I'm using a simple timer circuit which Maplin sell to do this. I've used the circuit for many things, it's simple, it works, and it doesn't break. So far so good with that, however I need to be able to add a delay, so that 10 seconds or so goes by before the circuit can be tripped again. Otherwise it is possible to hold down the button so the light stays on.

I either need something I can add to my existing circuit, or a completely new circuit which can replace my trusty timer circuit. I would also like the illuminated button to go out during the 10 seconds delay if possible.

Please help, I'm sure I used to know how to do this and it's driving me crazy!



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So many things can be used as a timer - would help if you could post the circuit diagram you are using.


Do you have two of your trusty timers? Hopefully they're adjustable. You could use a second relay that is normally close to control the original switch. See if you can follow this.

First timer trips the light on for your .5 seconds, but ALSO triggers the second timer, which turns a normally closed relay open for 10 seconds so that the original button can't close the circuit untill the timer shuts off and the 2nd relays closes. That's the simplest way I can think of without getting into completly different types of circuits. I recommend it simply cause you trust these timers and know how to use them already.
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Sometimes you just have to say it out loud, or online in this case.
50% of the time I'm posting a new thread here the solution suddenly dawns on me as I type it out.
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