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Jon's Imaginarium – New Product: Raspberry Pi Pico, $4!


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From Hack-A-Day this morning, Raspberry Pi Enters Microcontroller Game with $4 Pico, with a dual-core Cortex M0+ and a host of peripherals. Looks like a lot of bang for the buck, with C/C++ and MicroPython support.

The Raspberry Pi website includes a lot of information on the Pico. This wasn't a rush-to-market; support is in place, including several books on the Pico and video tutorials.

A new product is no fun if you can't get one. Sparkfun has them in stock for $4. The bad news is, you purchase will be limited to a maximum of 100 pieces ;)

pico 1.jpgpico 2.jpg


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Is a wifi-enabled version on the horizon? RPi Pico-W if their naming convention from the RPi Zero holds.

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