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Jon's Imaginarium – A Survey


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Survey done, keep em coming as far as I am concerned.


I find them interesting and helpful. I don't feel the need to comment one way or the other on most posts I read. Many times I consider the source and then form my opinion. There is a wealth of experience on this forum and I occasionally get to make use of it. Also a wealth of criticism and seems like condescension towards beginners.


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Also a wealth of criticism and seems like condescension towards beginners.
Sadly, this is all too true.

I have (had?) planned to include some more basic concepts in my posts too. Neither a very negative reply ("It can't possibly work like that." without any clear, non-condesending explanation of a better way to to do things, or taking over a project and saying it's the only way a thing can be done (again with no clear explanation) is helpful to beginners or more experienced users.


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most of my practical knowledge of the engineering side of electronics is drawn from data books, app notes and the like, so i think putting a lot of this stuff in one place is very useful.... a lot of vintage data books, etc.. can be found on archive.org, but sometimes the searches for a specific manual or app note can take a while, even if you remember the title word-for-word.

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