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is this a true random number generator

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themikestar said:
www.ljgroup.com/techsupport/c_support/curric_update/ product/scantek/st140/us/1403_ds11.pdf
will this circuit provide a true random number, unlike using a 555 timer at high speed and being unable to predict where it will stop.
Actually, that's what it is, except the 555 only runs at 48 Hz. Change R1, R2, and R3 to 10k to save a little power, change C1 to 0.01uF, and it will run at 4.8kHz - fast enough that you will get a guaran-damn-teed random number every time you release the button.


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Random chatter

Hi - First post (Gee!)... No such thing as truly random Generator as they all need a seed to start with.

Oh deary, am I confusing programming with Lektronikz now?

Observed for long enough they'll duly fall into a cycle, wash, spin..

Later Guys
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