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Is it possible using CPU as GPU by paralleling 2 CPU?


Is it possible using CPU as GPU by paralleling 2 CPU? So 1 CPU only doing graphics and the other act as normal CPU.
I know it's useless because cheap VGA is faster than using CPU as GPU. I just wondering and if it's possible I want to try it because I have old Xeon L5640 and I want to use it as GPU.
And if it's possible, where I can find some guide to make it?(Windows based)

Ian Rogers

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Not even worth the thought process... To make a "windows" GPU card you have to adhere to many things... If you have an inexhaustible amount of time and patience, I would think you may get somewhere near and old VGA / SVGA, but the interface is huge.. I have a couple of old 256k Trident VGA cards... But.. I brand new low end graphics card can be bought for 13 bucks and that's an NVidia with 512MB of video ram..

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