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I'm new


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I'm really old. I just lied.

But that's ok, because old people get to be grumpy and lie their asses off. If you are young, I hate you. And I get to say that because you don't care, and I don't either.

So, let's get along. You stuff your pride, and I will stuff my arrogance.

Yeah, I know that won't happen, but the bright side is there is an eclipse soon, and cows will be confused. Maybe we will get chocolate milk from them. Maybe not, I am hoping for strawberry milk, with a hint of trepidation.
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Well, you're not quite new, since you've clocked up 5 posts already, but welcome to ETO!


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Hello Ramona and welcome,
We don't get many females on this site, so I'm looking forward to your contribution.



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Hola Mike,

Who is Ramona?

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