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Hello I'm Johan

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Don Johan

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I am a retired electronics engineer from Nokia. Used to work as a hardware engineer for many years. Later on I was involved as a technical advisor towards customers in different parts of the World.
The last part of my career I worked as a network system engineer.
After retiring the interest for electronics as a hobby and on a practical level gradually came back.
I'm playing with Arduino and trying to learn software programming.
At the moment I am working with Eagle Cad on a small Project for controlling Ford smart charger alternators. It takes a lot to learn how to use the Eagle tool!



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Welcome Johan!

Nokia in its heyday must've been really exciting, cutting edge at the time.


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Eagle is a bit quirky to learn. However, Autodesk recently bought it and are releasing updates (improvements) almost monthly. Have you got the latest version (8.2.2)?

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