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Hi I'm Stiletto a new member,
Hi Forum this my first day on the site I am also a beginner at electronic. I have a question for you Stiletto Deuce owners, I am having a problem with biasing, my bias readings range form 30 to 26 mv on all the el34 mesa tubes. I have a Mesa boogie schematic that I downloaded I have the bias resistors on the schematic and the number but I can't see the number on the board because of the resistor is over the top of the numbers. This was in the shop at one time not by me but another owner, someone install a bias pot on one of the resistor that has a value 3.92K ohms, the schematics show that there 2 bias resistor each having a value of 220k ohm. If there is good electronics tech on the forum that would be kind to help I would greatly appreciate it. I have a picture of the complete circuit board in the chasse please take a look if it is any help
Thanks Stiletto


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